Karen is a gifted Mystical Shaman, Energy Worker, Teacher and Guide.

There's a growing hunger for shamanic wisdom. Why?  Because it's been used for over 50,000 years and it works!

Karen has received sacred rites as a guardian and keeper of the earth (pampa mesayok) as well as a medicine woman (alta mesayok) through a lineage of light carriers and Q’ero elders particularly shaman Sebastian Flores Puccar (whom was written about in The Andean Codex) and Francisco Chura Flores.  Explore the ancient technologies of yoga and ancient ceremonies and discover how to apply them in your life.

She combines her love of the earth with indigenous teachings, Native American and shamanic rituals for clearing energy, yogic philosophy and her sister science Ayurveda, Feng Shui principles, Vastu Shastra (yoga for the home) with other alchemy tools such as sacred sound, aromatherapy, crystals, deep breathing, movement therapy, Somatics, and relaxation techniques.  You will learn tools that assist in the release of old traumas and discover the subtle art of energy clearing to help restore balance in your own energy field and the energy of your surroundings.

All these healing paths lead to the understanding that this world is a matrix of energies and there are many techniques to access the body, brain and breath to become balanced, find clarity and promote self-healing -or- clear your home and your heart.

The symptoms of trauma are actually not caused by the traumatic event itself but rather, according to Dr. Peter Levine, "stem from the frozen residue of energy that had not been resolved or discharged.  The residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits."

Wellness From Within. Energy Work Grounded in Anatomy!

​Shamanic Healing Services:
Chakra Clearing & Balancing - we are exposed to numerous energies on a daily basis.
Etheric Cord Cutting - Do you feel burdened by other people's energy or a relationship?
Soul Retrieval - Nothing makes you feel better and you can't put your finger on it.
Discovering your Spirit Helpers - they bring us power and provide guidance
Removing Heavy Energies - energy cleansing and removing what doesn't belong
Extraction Healing - energy stagnates in the body and crystallizes requiring removal.
Ancestral Healing - uncovering the past to heal the future
Guided journeys for transformation & healing
Space Clearing - Blessing of home, office, land, or other space
​* Shamanic Coaching & Mentoring